DOORS Migration Services

IBM DOORS to IBM DOORS Next Generation Migration Service


IBM DOORS (Classic) was and is leading requirements management tool for most of the industries with complex systems. Nowadays, however, customers require many more things from requirement tool which could not be addressed by DOORS which is using robust and reliable but 25-year-old architecture. Therefore, IBM decided 10 years ago to develop DOORS Next Generation which is running on modern Jazz Platform and together with Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager is able to satisfy also very demanding customer needs.

For customers interested in taking advantages of IBM Jazz Platform, ReqPro team provides services to migrate from IBM DOORS to IBM DOORS Next Generation.

Our long term deep knowledge of the DOORS Classic as well as DOORS Next Generation allow us to perform relatively fast, efficient and process improving migration.

Reasons to migrate migrate to IBM Jazz Platform

There are many reasons why to migrate and in rare cases, there are also reasons not to migrate. As a committed IBM business partner, we strive to make the migration smooth on budget and within a reasonable amount of time. Among the many advantages which you can gain by migrating to IBM Platform are following main advantages:

Migration process

Initial Discussions

Proof of Concept Migration

Data Cleanup & Preparation

Data Cleanup & Preparation

Process Improvement (after migration)

Please contact us for more information or in order to discuss if the migration makes sense for your company now.